Living in Colour

Location: The Spice Souk, Dubai, U.A.E

Camera Model: Nikon D7000

Lens: Nikon 50mm 1.8

Focal length: 50mm

Aperature : f5.6

I literally had about 30 minutes of sunlight remaining when I reached the Spice Souk, and whats worse was that it was quite a shady area so I was forced to bump up the iso to around 800. Not my ideal shooting situation but had to make the best with what I had presented to me. 

The Souk was filled with tons of spices, all staples in the middle eastern pantry. The smells were amazing. Vendors were approaching from every angle just to get my fiancee and I to buy what they had to offer. We couldnt resist, we had to leave with something. 

For this trip to the Souk I used my 50mm as its a great walk around lens, its fast, its sharp and its light weight. Got quite a few nice shots on this day, so I was happy.


2 thoughts on “Living in Colour

  1. Can’t believe you got this amazing shot in the Souk! Looks like it could’ve been staged. The symmetry is beautiful.


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